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Victim and Motive

Reinhold Komes, born march 18 of 1932 got violently tortured by Wes Clark inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium on june 26 of 1999. Wes Clark was there in his green NATO uniform and had organized it himself. 2 Belgian policemen were taking pictures of the torture. 

Clark has told me in the spring of 2000 when breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland (the Swiss police got called so this can easily be proven) that it was my fault that he got fired from his NATO job. Meaning I guess that the torture and very violent murder that he had committed had consequences for him and that was supposed to be my fault, even though I had not yet pressed any charges. The guy is not ticking straight. Hearing that piece of shit trying to sell the idea that he has any honor makes me want to vomit. The guy is a disgrace to the US Army and to NATO. A perfect example of what America should not want to stand for. A torturer and murderer who pretends to be a hero. And finds it the most normal thing in the world to get away with earlier committed crimes and to further stalk and harass the victims.

There are several Belgian police guys (working for NATO, I assumed, but could just as well be any other Belgian government facility. These people where Belgians dressed in civilian clothes but with a very typical either military or police attitude. They spoke French, Flemish and English which is pretty normal in Belgium). In 1992 that could easily testify that Clark kept stalking me in 1992 and 93. He would at times send around Belgian police guys to ask for a date. There is even one occasion when a Belgian police guy was telling me that he was send by Clark to ask me for a date, talking in French, but at the same time urgently signaling with his arms, that he was wearing a wire and I should say NO. Which is not difficult because I cannot stand Clark. And I especially could never stand the aggressive manner in which he and his ugly bitch kept pursuing me in Brussels for no reason. Clarks aggressive stalking began after the Pentagon had already received plenty of prove and confirmation about my clairvoyance. Clark and Bush junior where inside my grandparent's hotel in 1975.


My dad's violent torture and murder was with intent, and very organized and certainly qualifies as especially heinous crime.

The motive for the killing seems to be, to prevent me from warning about the 9/11 attack. That too has led to more people getting killed during the attack.

That in my personal opinion is a lot more then reckless endangerment of the people that got killed during the attack of September the 11th of 2001. But it was actually not the idea to prevent the war that occurred as a result of the attack of 9/11.
Anyone who can think straight will immediately realize that this entire situation does have a lot to do with the national security of more than one country.
Here is another blog of mine. A little bit too full. And because of that it gets more difficult to find the right information. I will try to change that and rebuild it asap.

If anyone feels like helping to send the information out to the media or wants to mirror the blog. Be my guest, the more people who get the information the better. And yes this urgently needs to get investigated. Clark during his last visit on March 5 of 2010, was even trying to threaten me by exposing private phone conversations that have taken place as early as 1987. The dumb shit fails to understand that he revealed information that I had not known before (Pentagon listening in to my phone calls as far back as 1987 possibly longer) and that I am not the least scared of revealing that I have had sex in my spare time at age 24. Other then Clark and his ugly bitch I am not at all sexually frustrated. 

P.S. There are witnesses (still alive) who could testify to the fact that Clark was in Amsterdam if they are not too scared and have been threatened as well. The phone records can easily prove that Clark has made appointments with firms that I have worked for multiple times. The tiniest little bit of investigation would get Wes in trouble and prove immediately that everything that I describe on here is true.

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La torture organisée par Wesley Clark

I seem to be getting a lot of attention from people who look at my blogs from either Russia or the Ukraine lately. I am sorry for not being able to communicate in your own language with you but I am very happy with all of the attention. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and please feel free to send them to all of your friends and the media in your country. You can be certain that my story is 100% true. Russia or China are certainly not the only countries who make mistakes. Pentagon, NATO plus multiple governments (the Dutch, the Germans, and the Americans and I really mean Willem-Alexander, Merkel and Obama have all received very detailed information about the case) are all fully informed about this case and seem to go through a lot of trouble to try and hide the very criminal behavior of their secret services (CIA-BND and AIVD all had a part in it and aided Clark with the torture). 

Once the fucking Pentagon has started to torture and target a person, they then go and manipulate every relevant secret service in Europe to participate and order the police to ignore international law. The police then refuses to investigate. 

Despite of the fact that there is a list of more than 20 people who all witnessed Clark commit crimes in Europe. And Clark has no alibi for any of the dates mentioned on my blogs. So again thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog and please feel free to send the links to my blogs around to everyone that you can find.