Responses from Government

Responses from Government Facilities


Police in Antwerp, Belgium. I filled criminal charges in May of 2010. So far to the best of my knowledge they are not investigating the case. They stored my criminal charges under "Things that we would like to keep in our computer as information."

Dutch Police in Nijmegen the city that I live. Has sent me a letter saying that they are too busy and since the murder has taken place elsewhere, it is not their jurisdiction. I will have to come back and make a new appointment to press criminal charges against Clark for breaking into my house. I will do that as soon as possible. Even though he probably had the assistance of the Dutch AIVD at the time.

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior was very fast and correct with their response. They are currently (June of 2011) busy investigating the information that the Dutch secret service (AIVD) has about me. 

The German Ministry of Justice has sent me a letter informing me that they cannot influence police investigations. But that it is possible to press criminal charges with every single police facility within Germany. I consider that done. I have sent out more than 300 descriptions about the case in writing to every single police station, relevant district attorney and court in the country. A total amount of 700 Senators and Ministers of the German Bundestag and Bundesrat have also been informed about the case. Also informed in writing are Dr. Merkel and Prof. Harms, the relevant district attorney for cases this size. What facility within the German government is responsible for the German secret service (BND) messing up stuff on purpose is totally unclear to me.

The German FBI (BKA) is not giving out any information to individuals and claiming that the case is too small for them. According to the last guy that I spoke to within the BKA (in May of 2011, the guy refused to mention his name) it would have to be genocide to be big enough for the BKA to investigate. Total BS of course.

The German local police (Kripo Wittlich) cannot find the criminal charges inside their own computer. Kriminalhauptkommissar Hans-Werner Kohl of the local police in Wittlich is someone that I went to school with that has in 1996 pretended to have orders from the BND (German CIA) to not help me get my dad off Spangdahlem Airbase when I was phoning him because my dad was tortured on Spangdahlem by Wes Clark and another guy that was military police at the time but is now claiming to work for the CIA. 

Another example of something that is more corruption then incompetence

The German local court (Amtsgericht) and more specific a person by the name of Rosemarie Klein who is working for the local court is responsible for the paperwork that is necessary (2 different types of death certificate that confirm that 2 different doctors have investigated my dad's corps because officially he has been cremated in 1998 one year before I found him bleeding in Antwerp. Rosemarie Klein has let me know in writing that the death certificate is not in her file.

It is her responsibility to make sure that she finds the correct paperwork somewhere not mine.

If you are a journalist, feel free to phone that corrupt idiot anytime and ask her about the paperwork that she is missing.

Amtsgericht Wittlich
Kurfürstenstrasse 63
54516 Wittlich / Eifel
Phone 06571-101-0
Fax     06571-101-290

The missing paperwork is called Totenschein or Sterbeurkunde

The German local district attorney also relevant to the case is not giving out any information about the case other then in writing. Upon my written request about information I have so far not received any information yet.

There are individual German police stations and facilities that do want to investigate and therefore either make sure that the paperwork that I send goes to where it needs to go or help me by providing correct information. However all of it is too little and does not seem to lead to any normal investigation.

Important to know that both Merkel and Harms are fully informed about the case. The best information that I have got so far from a Mr. Bender inside the Bundeskanzleramt is, that it is legal for me to send information. (Wow, I would not have been able to piece that together myself) and that he finds it a bit difficult to believe that Zu Guttenberg was present in 1992 in Dworp near Brussels when Clark was starting to torture my Dad. That information is however true and there are witnesses to it. So Bender revealed the German governments motive to try and hide the murder: "The embarrassment it would cause for the Bundeswehr, because they know and did aide Clark with the organization of my dad's torture" 


I have an uncle (Edgar Hardt) that was in  the German Army (Bundeswehr) in the 70's that has received information /predictions on paper in 1976 written by my dad and me. So in 1992 when Clark started to torture my dad, there was no doubt what so ever inside either Pentagon or the higher ranks of the German Army that both my dad and I are extremely clairvoyant and that it is very necessary to take our information very serious. Every higher district attorney in Germany has got that guys name and address and therefore the ability to order an investigation into the case. I think that even the guys financial records should be checked because I have reason to believe that they might reveal a part of his motive. In the case that he pretends not to know about my predictions he is certainly lying. The motive is known to a lot of district attorneys in Germany.

For the moment I find it too soon to place government letters on my blog. The reason is that I do not want to endanger or demotivate the few police facilities and district attorneys that dare to find it normal that the case does need an investigation. The people who are either not corrupt or just chose to ignore the government tendency to cover up can easily be recognized by their will to send correct information and make sure that my information gets to where it needs to go in order to get an investigation going.

I do have plenty of paperwork for journalists that want to investigate. For any normal police the case would be easy to prove because there is a long list of witnesses. It is not possible to stalk someone for more than 30 years and not get seen.

The Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander was in September of 2010 so kind as to apologize for things that the Dutch Secret Service (former BVD now called AIVD) has done over the years. It turns out that he is very well informed. That is of course, no big surprise. And naturally the Dutch secret service knows about the case. 

I have reason to believe that the Dutch AIVD was informed and has aided Clark by providing him with equipment to be able to break into my house in august and september of 2004. In september of 2004 I got kidnapped out of my house by Clark and a team of soldiers. I got shot at during the week of 13 until 17 september of 2004 and I have to assume that the aim was to threaten intimidate me. I had send out a lot of information to the international media in 2004 and was protesting against the war in Iraq.