Questions - Investigation

This is a response that I have received from Wes Clark junior and below you find my answer to it:

Wesley Clark junior 14. April um 02:11 (of 2011)
I don't know what kind of crazy pills you take, but my father had nothing to do with NATO in 92-93. He was stationed at Fort Monroe, Virginia at the time and then Fort McNair, and did not travel overseas. (This is a giant lie, Clark and his ugly screaming bitch where stalking me in Brussels almost weekly during the summer of 1992)  He also was removed from the NATO slot in mid-Summer of 2000, not Spring. You're fucking crazy and you'll be facing a lawsuit soon unless you take this libel down. You should see a shrink and get your head fixed.

Junior, telling the truth is not libel, check your laws. When exactly the bastard was removed from his Nato job is totally irrelevant because Clark senior has started to stalk and harass me in 1975 and he never stopped doing that. Even when I do not see him (the last time was in August of 2010) he is working behind the scene to create problems for me. Like travelling all the way to Italy to tell people that I intended to do business with that I was presumably busy trying to kidnap their son. (Spring of 2000) Or motivating the Dutch police to show up at my house to enquire if I was busy building a bomb, when I had just purchased a package at the post office to send leather samples for furniture to Italy (summer of 2000) or visiting firms that I work for with all sorts of lies and fantasy stories to create problems at my work. That is a very clear case of stalking, harassment and defamation. Thanks for reminding me that the list of your dad's criminal offences is much longer then I had originally put on paper. 

How did you intend to get passed the enormous crowd of people that have witnessed your dad's behavior during the Nijmegen " Vierdaagse" in June of 1998 ? 

Trying to intimidate people into being scared with lies and total bullshit is not a good way to go. The over 35 years of stalking and nastiness of your parents have created a pile of witnesses that you cannot just wipe away. 

Junior the way that I remember you is, you are a perfect copy of your mom's giant arrogance and ego and lack the little brain that your dad supposedly has or you would have learned by now that I do not back down when confronted with lies and bullshit. 

The wobbling hanging meet mountains of your mother are not something that I find very relevant for any sort of evacuation so I could never understand the emphasis on your moms imaginary good looks. Of course you are as free as a bird to have your mom role around in a bikini to force people out of buildings that are in urgent need of evacuation.

Nor do I find it very normal behavior when your dad is trying to shove his sleeping little sausage up my ass in the middle of a street in Knokke (1992) and screams "I will not be overlooked"  Naturally I would not dare to make it up if it had not happened.

I would find it more normal for your parents to keep their sexual frustrations to themselves.

As I told your parents at the time in Europe that is not considered normal behavior. Nor did it ever send out the message: "We are here to gather intel and would like to gain additional information." Your amazingly rude parents both seem to assume that people will just have to put up with all of their nastiness and that it could not ever have any sort of consequences for them because they are untouchable. I did understand that it was not ever the idea to make friends with that type of behavior.

The more details that I remember and finally put on paper, the more obvious it becomes that the entire situation was organized on purpose to make sure that I would not be able to warn efficiently about the upcoming attack. Even a lying sack of shit like your dad is not so totally stupid that he can not understand the effect that his actions might have. And the intention of stalking, harassing and yelling at me could not possibly have been to ensure that I would be willing to cough up more intel to help evacuate your buildings while under attack. 
Junior, as you and I both know, everything that I say on my blogs is true and your lying creep of a dad and your amazingly stupid mother with the standard hysterical bitchy behavior both know that for sure ! I do assume that you are informed as well. So in your case I do not try to blame your lies on imaginary pills or the fact that I know how arrogant you are but lying on purpose seems to run in the family. In the more than 30 years that I have known your parents I have yet to experience normal behavior or any sort of decency from them. That would be totally new.

The "she is crazy act......"and especially the "she is the racist act….." are both getting really old by now. That BS could not possibly last the moment that anyone starts to seriously investigate the case. Despite of the fact that your parents had more than 30 years to come up with a motive that they would like to use to explain why they feel the need to stalk, torture and murder.

In June of 2011 I have had an organized visit from people who are trying to push the angle that I have to be a bad racist because I dare to press criminal charges against Clark. 

A. I am not a racist and never have been
B. Even if I was that is not good enough as a motive for first degree murder
C. Pushing for an investigation into a very brutal, organized murder case is not racism
D. I do not care about anyone's religion. I do NOT find it very religious to torture and murder
E. The fact that Clark and his ugly screaming bitch hate Germany is not my racism 

Clark torturing and murdering my dad is something that has really happened. The fact that I am pressing criminal charges has nothing to do with any religion but with my need for justice. Clark will in all likelihood keep pushing the racist angle because he wants to escape an investigation.

I do not give a shit where he was stationed that is not at all the issue. You and your parents were living in Germany in the house next door to my parents house for some time in 1975/76. Since you were living next door to my parents, your dad did not have to travel very far to stalk me and spread his special kind of hate and lies. When I was working in Brussels in 1992 he seemed to have plenty of time to travel to Europe during working hours. As if the Pentagon had nothing else to do then to follow me around in Brussels. When he was removed from the NATO slot is not relevant and has not been any of my questions. Your dad was near Hannover during Domotex of 2000 and was in Melano during Salone di Mobile that same year. And your dad has been stalking me since 1975, and is still stalking and harassing me now. So it does not matter if he works for the Pentagon, NATO or is with pension, he just keeps on going. And never ever got to a point that he could imagine that he would one day have to answer for his behavior.

If your family can not forgive me for not causing your granddad's heart attack then why should I forgive him my dad's violent torture? The totally organized defense for Wes is suppose to be his religion (4 different ones, he wears whatever hat fits the current crime best) and finds it my racism when they are going "I hate Germany......"  Your granddads religion is not good enough as a defense for a very violent torture and premeditated first degree murder.

By all means, Wes you ugly shit, do drag me into court for telling the truth. I will insist that both your parents and I take a lie detector test. And maybe we will finally get to the bottom of this. You know as well as I do, that your dad could not possibly ever make that test and do well. So maybe that is the perfect way to go to finally get the attention that this case needs.

My dad's torture was very organized just like the WTC attack was not an accident. 
The arrogance and unparalleled stupidity runs in the family. Junior threatening me, while he must know what his dad has done. I will not back down under any circumstances because I am telling the truth and nothing but.  The entire idea is to get an investigation going by the police and the media in whatever country.  I challenge especially Clark senior to take a lie detector test on live TV and answer questions like the ones below:

While we are at it I challenge junior to answer a few questions himself since he finds it normal to come with such obvious lies:

Edith Komes at Wes Junior: (on April 14th of 2011 at 12.16 hours noon)

Is it true that you have spent time in Germany in 1975/76, a country that you hated at the time? 

Is it true that the very first sentence that you ever said to me in 1975 was: "I hate Germans."

Is it true that you lived at the address Tränkgasse in Landscheid Germany, close to Spangdahlem Airbase, for some time in 1975/76 ?

Is it true that you got beaten up at Hauptschule Wittlich Sehlemet in 1975 after behaving very arrogant and racistical ? 

Is it true that 2 German policemen were there but failed to protect you on purpose because they were totally fed up with your giant arrogance and nasty behavior ?

Is it true that your dad visited my classroom not much later and tried to pretend that we had done something wrong, while it was his organizing of bullshit and your giant arrogance and nasty behavior that got you beaten up ? 

Is it true that your dad has thrown an American flag on the schoolyard that same day with the sole intention to provoke problems ?  (The flag got pied on by someone that by now is working for the police in Wittlich / Eifel)

Is it true that a guy calling himself Marks was also present that day ?
The same guy was also present in Brussels while your ugly bitch of a mother was once again harassing me in 1992 and in Hannover during Domotex in january of 2000 plus in august of 2004 at a mall in Nijmegen.

Are you really stupid enough to believe that more than 30 years of stalking, very violent torture at 5 different locations in Europe, and a brutal premeditated murder, plus several cases of kidnapping, breaking and entering and attempted murder would go unnoticed and never get investigated ?

I challenge you and your parents to take a lie detector test on camera, on live TV and answer the questions below to the best of your ability. Naturally I will answer either yours or the audiences under the exact same conditions. Have fun with your big mouth, your giant ego and your blatant lies during that event.  We both know what the outcome of that test would be if you dared to take it !

Questions for Wes K. Clark senior:

Where have you been on the dates described below ?

Summer of 1999 ?
Antwerp, Belgium. Torturing and murdering my dad. Clark was there 
in his green NATO Uniform and had organized it himself.

January 26 and 27 of 2000 during Domotex in Hannover ?

Answer at a Hotel/Restaurant in Peine near Hannover stalking me again.

May 2 and 3 of 2000 during Salone del Mobile ?
Answer Wes was in Melano Switzerland (in a hotel in a Swiss town called Melano) with his ugly bag to stalk me once again.

September 13 to 17 of 2004 ?
Answer in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, kidnapping me.

September 4 of 2007 ?
Answer near Krefeld, Germany (at a place called Geismühle West along Highway A57)
stalking me again.

March 5 of 2010 ?
Answer in Amsterdam, (at Restaurant La Place in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost) the Netherlands stalking and harassing me.

August 17 of 2010 ? 
Answer along the German highway A57 near Weeze, (close to a place called Kalbecker Forst West) Germany stalking me.

Did you live at the address Tränkgasse in Landscheid in 1975/76 ? The German BKA has a list of witnesses.

Is it true that you hate Germans but usually do not acknowledge it because revealing the racist that you are would damage your career ?

Did you ever stalk Edith Komes ?

Did you torture Reinhold Komes ?
(multiple times in Belgium, the Netherlands and on US Airbase Spangdahlem)

What other nasty medical experiments have been done to my dad against his will ?

Did you murder Reinhold Komes ?

Where are the remains of Reinhold Komes ?

Did you ever kidnap Edith Komes ?
The correct answer would be yes, in September of 2004.

Did you break into Miss Komes house in the middle of the night  ?
The correct answer would be yes, in August and September of 2004.

Have you ever been inside her bedroom ?
The correct answer is, yes after breaking into my house in September of 2004)

Is it true that you have known about Miss Komes ability to predict the future since 1975 at the very least ?

(Realistically there are reasons to believe that Clark knew about my skill in 1968 and just made a point out of fucking up on purpose. His motives are unclear to me. Other than Clark is a racist, and a psychopath with a giant ego. It would take a police investigation to figure out the details. Another motive could be this: Wes and his ugly shit bag are sexually frustrated and also have an urgent need to believe that they would somehow be superior to other people. In my personal opinion, people who really accomplished something are often very friendly and normal. People who are very stupid or frustrated have an urgent need to try and make the point that they would somehow be better than others. Wes and his ugly bitch have no right to interfere with my life. But they also have no decency or conscience).

Is it true that you and your wife traveled to Europe multiple times with the only intention to stalk and harass Edith Komes ?
The correct answer is, Clark and his hysterical screaming dirt bag travelled to Europe more than 20 times with the sole purpose to stalk, slander and harass me or even worse with the intention to kidnapp and torture my dad.

Is it true that both you and your wife have spent time in Melano Switzerland again with the intention to stalk and harass Edith Komes shortly after you had violently tortured her dad in Antwerp, Belgium ?

Did you ask her for dates multiple times and ask her to become your mistress or secretary more than ones ?  The correct answer is yes. September of 2007 is the last time that Clark was asking for a date.

Have you send other people to Miss Komes to ask her to go on a date with you ?

Is it true that you asked Edith Komes for a date in the presence of more than 4 other people inside a video store at Square Montgomery in Brussels in 1992 ?

Is it true that you have asked Edith Komes to become your mistress in the presence of one other person (Belgian) while sitting on a terrace close to the Atomium in Brussels ?

Is it true that you have asked Edith Komes to go on a date with you while you were in a car on the German highway in 1994 ?

Is it true that you were very proud telling Miss Komes that same day, while sitting in a dark BMW with Belgian license plate that you had been promoted to General ?

Is it true that you have asked Edith Komes to go on a date with you while standing around on a parking at Raststätte Geismühle West, along the A57 highway in Germany on September 4 of 2007 ?

Is it true that you have asked Edith Komes again to become either your mistress or your secretary in the summer of 1992 while at an AC Restaurant in Zevenar ? (will look up the date). There are at least 5 different people who have witnessed Clark being present that day.

Is it true that you were making threats to harm her Dad, in the presence of Miss Komes colleagues in 1992 in Zevenaar, right after she had said no to becoming either your mistress or your secretary ?

Is it true that you were threatening to harm her Dad in 1975 ?

Is it true that your were threatening to harm Reinhold Komes while talking to Edith Komes inside a swimming pool in Knokke, Belgium in 1992 ?

Is it true that you have been scratching your own ugly red car in 1975, to then claim that someone else had damaged your car ?

Is it true that a.D. Klaus Naumann, ex Bundeswehr and friend of yours was present in Brussels in 1992 when you were once again stalking Miss Komes ?

Have you participated in a situation in September of 2004 when Edith Komes got shot at?

Did you organize the torture of Reinhold Komes yourself ?

Did you carry out the torture and murder of Reinhold Komes yourself ?

Did you lie and are you still lying about opposing torture ?

Have you tortured and murdered more people than this one person ?

Did you visit her Grandparents hotel in 1975/76 together with George Walker Bush junior ?

Was the guy on the terrace in Brussels in 1992/93 claiming to work for the CIA with the US Embassy in Brussels as his station, Richard Holbrooke as the guy claimed ?

Is it true that you have organized a situation in Brussels in 1992 together with Zu Guttenberg and several other Bundeswehr guys plus the American who calls himself Marks and who was also in Hannover during Domotex of 99/2000, to further harass Miss Komes at her work ?

Did you have prior knowledge about the upcoming 9/11 attack that you had received from Edith Komes ?

Have you known about Miss Komes ability to see the future since 1976, at the very least ?

Are you one of the 2 US soldiers that where pointing a machinegun at Edith Komes and her grandparents in 1968 ?

Is this ability of hers proven as she claims and very well known within the Pentagon and CIA ?

Did the German Bundeswehr and more specific Zu Guttenberg and Naumann a.D. as well as others participate and aide in the kidnapping, torture and murder of Reinhold Komes ?

Did the German BND have knowledge about this ?

Did the German BKA know about or participate in any of the numerous operations that you organized to stalk and harass her ?

Did the German BND, BKA or the Bundeswehr have knowledge of and assist with the kidnapping, torture and murder of Reinhold Komes ?

Is it true that Edith Komes has given you information in 2004 about the Nathalie Holloway case with the intention to warn the family and prevent the murder ?

Did you make any attempt to pass that information on to the correct facilities or find the family with the intention to warn them ?

How much time did you spend not harassing Edith Komes but asking for information in a normal polite manner ?

How many times did you ask her in a normal manner for information to help keep America save ?

(The correct answer is zero as in 000000000000 NEVER - EVER !!!!!!!!!)   But I do like to see him sweat.

Did you drive very reckless and dangerous on the highway between Krefeld and Nürnberg with the intention to harass her again in 1994 ?

Did you ask her once again for a date during that same day while standing around in a queue on the highway.

Was either NATO or Pentagon ordering you to keep harassing Edith Komes ?

Was either NATO or Pentagon ordering you to torture and murder Reinhold Komes ?

(The correct answer to the best of my knowledge is no. Wes had a lot of freedom in this and pushed for it himself - but naturally the torturer and murderer gets to have a say - I would love to hear his version ……)

Do you find your behavior normal ?

Are you proud of it ?

Do you expect to get away with it ?

What exactly is her crime ?

What is it that Reinhold Komes has done to you ?

What part did the AIVD have in all of this ?

Who else was in on it ?

How much information about the upcoming 9/11 attack did the Pentagon have ?

How much information about the upcoming 9/11 attack did NATO have ?

Is it true that you harassed and stalked Edith Komes multiple times at her work locations ?
The correct answer is, yes numerous times. Clark has been to at least 4 different firms that I either worked for or did business with since 1992 with the sole intention to slander, harass or bother me.
Is it true that you traveled to Europe a lot more than 10 times to stalk Edith Komes ?

Is it true that Edith Komes has told you about the 9/11 attack while you where once again in Europe to further harass and stalk her. This time inside a swimming pool in Knokke, Belgium ?

Is it true that you have been in Raststätte Geismühle West near Krefeld on September 4 of 2007 ?

Is it true that you have been inside her house in Nijmegen on 2 or more occasions in august and September of 2004 in the middle of the night without being invited ?

Is it true that you have been in Amsterdam location La Place (Zuid-Oost) on March the 5th of 2010 ?

While you were in Amsterdam on March the 5th of 2010, where you in the company of a former Military police guy who now claims to be working for the CIA ?

Did you have a meeting at La Place with a Dutch guy whose name is Klaas Nienhuis on March the 5th of 2010 ?

Did you make that appointment by phone about 2 weeks prior to march the 5th ?

Was the insulting behavior of Willy Exterkate towards Edith Komes during the Microsoft Sales Meeting on March the 5th part of the organization as usual ?

Is it true that you  have been chasing  Edith Komes on the German highway in august of 2010 ?

Is it true that you and ugly bag (personal opinion of course, we still have freedom of speech in Europe even when the Clarks do not like the idea) travelled all the way to Switzerland and stayed at the Hotel Village au Lac in Melano Switzerland, in the spring of 2000 (during Salone di mobile in Milan Italy) just to gloat and rub in that Wes had killed Reinhold Komes and intended to get away with it and Wes and Bag wanted to laugh at the fact that Miss Komes did not seem to have much of a chance of ever finding out the details or prove  the case ?

Is it true that ugly bag gets into screaming jealous tantrums when confronted with the fact that Europe has women that look better, have more talent and do not see the Weses and the dishes as their only goal in life ?

Is it true that Bag should not wear a bikini because everything hangs and wobbles with every step ? Is not a question that I would expect a district attorney to ask but it can help to confirm that I have seen the ugly screaming bitch (personal opinion of course - legal in Europe) inside a swimming pool in Knokke in Belgium ?

Is she really unable to swim at all, or was that done in order to protect the piles of fake bling around her neck , is also not a question that I find of importance, other than Bags giant ego needs to be fed and this way, at least she gets mentioned.

Is it true that you had an argument with the ugly dirt bag in 1976 during which bag was screaming at you: "What if she gets to Brussels before we do........? "

Do you consider cutting off people's body parts while they are handcuffed and forcing the family to watch while the person bleeds to death torture ?

Have you organized this type of torture more than ones ?

Did you carry it out yourself ?

Did you handle the knife yourself ?

Is that facility in Belgium used to torture people frequently ?

Did you have orders on paper prior to the torture and murder ?

How detailed is that paperwork ?

Where are the pictures that you took in Brussels in 1992 ?

Where are the pictures that the Belgian police has taken of the torture and murder in Antwerp ?

Where did your torture victim Reinhold Komes go right after the very bloody and heinous torture of June 26, 1999 in Antwerp ?

Where is your torture victim Reinhold Komes now ?

Why did you claim in 2000 while in Melano  Switzerland with ugly bag that Edith Komes had anything to do with your "removal" from NATO ? Or in Wes's own words: "It is your fault that I lost my job at NATO……"

And not at all related to the Komes stalking, harassment, kidnapping, torture, murder and more kidnapping and attempted murder case but since we are at it:

Where you involved in the planning of the military actions taking place at Waco between February 28 and April 19 of 1993 that eventually led to the death of 76 Branch Davidians among which 21 where children ?

Did you lend military equipment and personal to then Governor Anne Richards as claimed by some media ?


Like I said, since I am not the one that is lying but are the person that wants to motivate every police facility - court - judge - district attorney and media where ever in the world they are to investigate this case and get to the bottom of it. 

I am looking forward to seeing your answers to these questions on live TV and am fully prepared to answer yours or the audiences. Try not to insult my intelligence with bullshit about pills and shrinks that I do not need or drugs that I am not taking. 

Clairvoyance is not an illness and trying to save people that otherwise burn down instead of torturing them is not bad behavior either. And yes this is a giant cover-up and I cannot and will not ever back down because I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth and even if I die in the process, I will leave behind correct information.


And something else that I want to get off my chest:

Just because your mother is an empty brainless piece of shit and your parents have SM tendencies and find that normal, that is also not good enough as a motive for torture and first degree murder.

The screaming bitch should keep her fantasies to the privacy of your parents bedroom and not bother other people with it.

This is how your parents have sex and what they try to force onto other people:

The ugly bitch never had any style.

And this is how I feel about you:

This particular event right here is what I have predicted during a phone conversation in the summer of 1987.

During that phone call in the summer of 1987 I have also predicted the fall of the Berlin wall within the next 2 years. And my ability has been proven since 1968. (Pentagon has me on tape predicting the Iraq war and the date of the moon anding by Armstrong at age 5)

The Ramstein Accident, the explosion of Enschede, the Tsunami in Indonesia of 2004, Saddams location, the Berlin wall coming down, are just a few of the many things that I have seen up front. 

And because of your parents actions America is no longer on my list of countries that I care about. So your dad destroyed my will to help with any evacuations in your country and has done that on purpose.

Since your parents where arguing about my ability in 1975 it is very safe to assume that my dad's torture (and murder)  was totally premeditated.

The lying dwarf and his screaming bitch got stationed in Germany together with their arrogant shit son because of something that I had predicted in 1975.

Your dad has acknowledged that the Pentagon has a copy of the phone tapes with my predictions that were made in the summer of 1987.

And since the lying creep came to visit me together with Bush junior in 1975 I am very certain by now, that it was never the intention of the Bush government to evacuate the buildings during the 9/11 attack.

Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Clinton are both aware of it. So there is no doubt in my mind that the Obama's are either informed or can very easily get the files of the lies and bullshit that your dad has put on paper inside the Pentagon to make himself look ok. 

Your dad belongs on the electric chair for torture and first degree murder of a totally innocent civilian. Plus multiple cases of kidnapping and attempted murder. If the lying shit had any consciences at all he would be worried.

Just in case anyone is wondering, Rammstein the band is not my cup of tea but it does express how I feel about the Clarks by now.

The first time that I have seen that there would be a band by the name of Rammstein was when looking into the shopping window of a record store in the summer or fall of 1978. At that point in time I could see a certain song that the band has actually composed and recorded in 2000.

Not the first time that I have heard music in my mind that was not yet composed at the time when I heard it in my mind. 

I was singing Celine Dion music to my granddad in 1966/67 that I could hear in my mind and told him that this particular song was going to be a hit in the future and that I will listen to it in the 90's while in my car on the way to Amsterdam, in order to read radio news. The funny thing at the time was, I heard Celine Dion in my mind in English and was as a 3 year old singing songs that had not been composed or recorded for another 20 years and then went on to translated a language for my granddad that I had not yet learned.

I found that pretty normal at the time because I could look up the future whenever I felt like it. And at the same time I was already aware that this ability seems to be rare. Seeing the future always felt like the most normal thing in the world to me. It does not feel very different from a normal memory only that mine functions into the future and not just into the past.