My dad's murder and the media

Just in case there are people who read this and want to help me motivate the media to investigate the case and force the police in Europe to finally find the courage to investigate. Here are a few links with newspapers worldwide. I could not possible reach all of them by myself. Every help is welcome, so please feel free to send a link to my blog all over the place, newspapers, radio and TV stations, and even the police or government facilities in your country. The more people who know about this the more of a chance I have to finally get the murderer investigated and perhaps even get him on trial. That is the idea. As a journalist, feel free to stick a camera in Clarks face and ask him where he was on the dates mentioned on my blog. I would take a lie detector test anytime and confirm everything that I say on here. I have a long list of witnesses for police and media facilities. So you do not have to worry for a second that I made up a story.