Victim and Motive


Reinhold Komes, born march 18 of 1932 got tortured by Wes Clark inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp, Belgium in the summer of 1999. Wes Clark was there in his green NATO uniform and had organized it himself. 2 Belgian policemen were taking pictures of the torture. 

Clark has told me in the spring of 2000 when breaking into my hotel room in Switzerland (the Swiss police got called so this can easily be proven) that it was my fault that he got fired from his NATO job. Meaning I guess that the torture and very violent murder that he had committed had consequences for him and that was supposed to be my fault, even though I had not yet pressed any charges. The guy is not ticking straight. Hearing that piece of shit trying to sell the idea that he has any honor makes me want to vomit. The guy is a disgrace to the US Army and to NATO. A perfect example of what America should not want to stand for. A torturer and murderer who pretends to be a hero. And finds it the most normal thing in the world to get away with earlier committed crimes and to further stalk and harass the victims.

There are several Belgian police guys (working for NATO, I assumed, but could just as well be any other Belgian government facility. These people where Belgians dressed in civilian clothes but with a very typical either military or police attitude. They spoke French, Flemish and English which is pretty normal in Belgium). In 1992 that could easily testify that Clark kept stalking me in 1992 and 93. He would at times send around Belgian police guys to ask for a date. There is even one occasion when a Belgian police guy was telling me that he was send by Clark to ask me for a date, talking in French, but at the same time urgently signaling with his arms, that he was wearing a wire and I should say NO. Which is not difficult because I cannot stand Clark. And I especially could never stand the aggressive manner in which he and his ugly bitch kept pursuing me in Brussels for no reason.


My dad's violent torture was with intent, and very organized and certainly qualifies as especially heinous crime.

The motive for the torture seems to be, to prevent me from warning about the 9/11 attack. That too has led to more people getting killed during the attack.

That in my personal opinion is a lot more then reckless endangerment of the people that got killed during the attack of September the 11th of 2001. But it was actually not the idea to prevent the war that occurred as a result of the attack of 9/11.

Anyone who can think straight will immediately realize that this entire situation does have a lot to do with the national security of more than one country.


About the Motive 

People keep asking me questions about Clark's motive and quite frankly I am getting a little tired having to answer questions about the killer's motive, when I do not know the answer to that one. How about asking the killer himself for his motive ? Clark is a very violent and aggressive nutcase, with a totally inflated ego and enormous pride. There is one situation in 1994 when he followed me around on the German highway for more than 3 hours after I had said no to a date. The guy is a psychopath. Not getting something that he wants seems to be part of the motive. 

And like I have said elsewhere on this blog. I would always be willing to take a lie detector test to prove what I am saying is true. I know for sure that Clark could not ever make that same test or would have to admit to having committed, torture, premeditated murder, kidnapping (multiple counts), breaking and entering plus another attempted murder.

Clark and his ugly screaming bitch got stationed in Germany in 1975/76. They were totally impossible to get along with then. Clark would cause constant trouble on purpose. Anything from scratching his own car to sending his arrogant spoiled shit son to my school or showing up at my grandparent's swimming pool. Anything to harass me, even then. I am aware that Clarks official curriculum does not mention anything about being stationed in Germany. I don’t care about that. I know for sure that he was there. There are plenty of people who have seen him. It is not possible to live at a certain place for almost 2 years and not get seen. The same goes for over 30 years of stalking. It is not possible to do that and not get seen. And no my dad has never worked with him. My dad was a German farmer who has never done anything wrong. The reason that Clark picked him as a target is because: 

He hates Germans Clark is a racist and always has been for as long as I know him.

My dad was an easy target because he was already ill 

I had predicted multiple times that the WTC and the Pentagon would be attacked on 9/11 and the way in which my dad was cut up and I got forced to witness it, was suppose to send me a message to shut up about the upcoming attack.

In the 90's Clark and his ugly bitch kept stalking me in Brussels at my work, over and over again. Clark would usually ask me for dates or to become his mistress when alone and only weeks later his ugly bitch would run around and scream at me for no reason and at times calling me a whore. 

From the looks of it, it might have been the case that the Pentagon totally believed that the 9/11 attack would occur. They had no reason to doubt my predictions and in 1976 did not doubt them at all. They had seen the prove multiple times. And why would anyone start predicting things like the Pentagon and WTC getting attacked and make it up ?  And wanted me to shut up about it, because it was their intention to allow the attack to occur and not evacuate the buildings. I had started to predict that the Pentagon would in the future be attacked at age 5. There was no reason to doubt my predictions.

What I am saying is this: Without a police investigation I do not know what his motives are. What I do know is that Clark is an aggressive piece of shit that does not hesitate to torture and murder innocent people. I know that for sure because I have witnessed it. I have known that bastard for more than 30 years by now. I am totally sick of it. He will not ever stop stalking and harassing me unless I stop him with a weapon. I think for any police facility that investigates the case, the fact that he has been travelling to Europe way over 20 times with the only intention to further stalk me should already be very telling.


Like I have told Bill Clinton in September of 2011, I hold Wes Clark responsible for initiating a torture program inside European hospitals. I have witnessed Wes Clark torture, starting in 1992 in a town called Dworp near Brussels.  Not much later that same year he was torturing in the area of Leuven in Belgium.

And by now it seems to become a pattern. 

There were multiple US and German military personal plus Wes Clark present in Dworp when I first saw Clark torturing a totally innocent civilian who had been kidnapped out of a German hospital.

The next time that I have seen Wes Clark torture was on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996. Again multiple Germans plus American military personal present. And again the next time that I have seen him torture was in 1998.

This time the crowd of people that have witnessed the situation consisted of Dutch police, German and American military.  And yet again I was forced to witness Clark busy torturing in the summer of 1999. This time the torture was particularly bloody and violent.  2 Belgian policemen took pictures of the torture at the time.

According to Clark, when he broke into my hotel room in Switzerland in the spring of 2000, the situation in Belgium in the summer of '99, is what caused him to lose his job. I do not believe that to be true because I had not yet pressed any criminal charges and losing his job as a punishment for torture and first degree murder is nowhere near good enough.

And even if that was the reason for Clark to get fired from his NATO job as he has put it, he did not seem to learn anything from it.

The very last time that I have seen someone getting tortured inside a European hospital was the beginning of June of 2011. Like I said, I hold Wes Clark responsible for starting this type of a program inside European hospitals and the longer it takes for European governments to finally investigate the more normal it seems to become.

To the best of my knowledge, Clark was not ordered to do this but has initiated the torture all by himself.

And yes, bla bla, of course if you are a Pentagon or NATO psychopath that does not want to come clean about the sadistic and very criminal stuff that you have committed, trying to slander (with very malicious intent) the victim seems to be the normal way to go.

As long as I get enough sleep, there is nothing at all wrong with my health. After 4 or 5 days of no sleep, I get very cranky and my memory suffers. But other than that I am totally fine, thank you.

The entire story that I am telling on my multiple blogs has really happened and is not something that I have made up.

By now I feel that spending the rest of his life in prison is much too kind for the evil piece of shit. I want Clark dead and consider killing him perfectly legal for several reasons:

He should experience what he has put other people through

Whatever he has deliberately organized for someone else is good for him as well

Every single police force and political facility plus the courts relevant to the case have been informed in writing about this case.

I do not and will not ever except that Clark gets to torture and intent to kill a totally innocent person and finds it normal to force me to watch.

The damage that the lying creep has done cannot be repaired. He has turned my life into a mess on purpose.

I have a right to defend myself and after 35 years of very nasty, aggressive and hateful behavior from Clark and his screaming bitch I am so totally fed up with it that shooting him on sight seems mild and way too patient.

Like I have said. Every relevant police and court facility has been informed about the case in writing. Unless I get very clear signs that there is a serious investigation going on into Clarks behavior with the intention of putting Clark behind bars for the rest of his life I find it perfectly legal for anyone who runs into the fucking bastard to shoot him on sight. 

I do not except the fact that Clark has tortured and murdered my dad and finds it perfectly normal to further harass me for years afterwards and expects to get away with it.