9/11 and other Predictions

The idea is to place a description in here of the different places that I have put warnings about the upcoming 9/11 attack but also other predictions over the years. This blog is however not finished yet. The information on it changes weekly.

German Police on September the 9th of 2001
I can say this for sure: I have spoken to the German police (Polizei in Wittlich Eifel) 2 days prior to the attack of 9/11 and gave them the correct 4 flight numbers plus the correct date of the attack. On Sunday the 9th of September 2001 I have spend the entire Sunday afternoon at a friend's house. This is someone that I grew up with who knows extremely well how clairvoyant I am. We talked about nothing else but the upcoming 9/11 attack the entire afternoon. Pete (my friend) is married to an American who works for the US Air Force. The guys name is Joe Schmucker (Pete and Joe Schmucker live in Ogden, Utah). Joe in the past was repairing Air Planes for the US Air Force. He was on the phone with what I believed to be Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany at the time, but it could have just as well been the Pentagon and he did of course pass on the flight numbers and the date plus the 2 targets of the attack: the WTC and the Pentagon. So plenty of details to easily evacuate the buildings. Even the time schedule was completely known.

Pete and Joe Schmucker on September the 9th of 2001 (4 flight no.s plus the date)
Pete and Joe by the way after the attack do not care to remember how extremely precise the predictions were. In her words: "We need to put the past behind us…." I guess that must be much easier if you did not lose any family members during that day. And naturally their sudden amnesia has everything to do with his job. He is still working for the Air Force and things might get difficult at his work, if he would too obviously admit that the entire attack could have easily been prevented. I believe that enough media attention could get them to come clean, be honest and spit out the details of how much information we all had prior to the attack and of course any normal police force could without much trouble investigate their phone records of September the 9th of 2001 and find out for sure if it was a US Air Force base in Germany that Joe was talking to or the Pentagon directly. But so far neither the media nor the police have enough courage or need for truth to investigate the case.


Phone call Harrison Ford summer of 2000
I have also talked about the upcoming attack on the phone with Harrison Ford in the summer of 2000 for about 1 hour. And of course I once again passed on the correct 4 flight numbers plus the date and a very detailed description of the attack. Furthermore I had mentioned the name of Mohammed Atta and his correct address in Hamburg when talking on the phone to US Air Base Spangdahlem in 1976. And had also given the 4 correct flight numbers of the attack plus the correct date and a drawing of what the towers looked like while they were burning to the Dutch Royal Family on paper as early as 1979. In addition to that the Pentagon has me on camera in 1968 at age 5 announcing that they will, in the future, be attacked and have a war in Iraq.  

Dutch Royals on paper in 1979 
The Dutch Royal family has received the date and the correct 4 flight numbers of the 9/11 attack on paper in 1979 through a women by the name of Madame de Beaufort who worked for Queen Juliana at the time. Under Dutch law the Dutch Royal family is not politically responsible for anything that goes wrong. In case of any trouble the responsibility lies with the Dutch government. A copy of the paper with the date and flight numbers of the 9/11 attack stayed behind in Germany. The paper has a very simple drawing on it showing the 2 towers and flames coming out of the WTC and it also contains information about the explosion of the city of Enschede.

It is not at all my intention to create any sort of problem for the Dutch Royal family. I have to assume that they did attempt to warn about the situation

George Walker Bush
It is not the responsibility of any European government to keep US Air Space save, so the best that they can do is warn. Given the fact that more than just one government or facility had the correct information up front I have to assume that the Pentagon and the Bush administration where very seriously warned and did make the conscious choice to just let it go. The "acted" surprise of Mr. Bush when confronted with the news of an attack while inside a Sarasota elementary school on the morning of September the 11th of 2001 is just that: Bush practicing how to act surprised.  

Since G.W. Bush did visit my grandparents Hotel together with Clark in 1975 I had every reason to assume that the Pentagon would be taking my information serious.

Naturally the Pentagon does not want to admit that they were very seriously warned time and time again. I have warned a total amount of 12 times prior to the attack during 1968 and september 9 of 2001.  

I have no opinion if it was an inside job or not, because I have no knowledge about that. What I do know for sure is this: The Dutch Royal family, the German police and the US Air Force all had the correct 4 flight numbers, the targets of the attack plus the date. And the US Air Force had received Mohammed Atta's name and Hamburg address in 1976 with the urgent warning to follow the guy around starting in 1996 at the latest. So what I do know for sure is that the attack could have been prevented if the US Government had wanted to prevent it. 

Instead the Pentagon did nothing to evacuate the buildings and tortured my dad. People keep asking me about Clarks motive and I must say I am a bit clueless.........my dad's murder could not possibly get them any more information than they already had. And the way in which that was done is suggesting very much the opposite: We do NOT want to be warned and are willing to kill to shut you up, seems to be the message. I guess a part of their mission failed. I do not shut up but keep sending correct information around to whatever media and police facility that I can find. And yes given the extremely shitty mentality that I have experienced with Clark, I would not for a second be surprised to learn that the CIA has Osama Bin Laden on their speed dial and that either the CIA or the Bush family had contact with Mr. Bin Laden to fine-tune the details of the attack. 

That is however not something that I can prove. What I know for sure is that the correct flight numbers, the targets and the date were known to the US Government prior to the attack. The US Air Force knew, so I have to assume that the US Air Force was capable and willing to pass the information on to the Pentagon when they received it once again 2 days prior to the attack. Just like I have to assume that US Air Base Spangdahlem was willing and able to pass Mohammed Atta's name and Hamburg address on to the Pentagon when I gave it to them on the phone in 1976.

Motive for Clarks stalking ?
The US Government is allowed to get their own citizens killed by stupidity or otherwise. I cannot force them to keep their country save, and I am not responsible for US Air Space. All I can do is warn and they were warned. I do not find it acceptable that the Pentagon tortures my dad while I am trying to keep American buildings save. That is totally unacceptable and as a result I refuse to ever pass on any information that the USA could benefit from until Clark goes to trial for the torture and intented pre-meditated murder of my dad. I want the guy on the electric chair !!! 

What I have seen was certainly bad enough. He deserves it. So much for Clark is concerned with America's safety. The only thing that really matters to Clark is his ambition and his giant ego. 

Petra and Joe Schmucker can be found on Facebook just in case any media or police facility wishes to question them about the knowledge that we all had about the upcoming 9/11 attack:

Petra Schmucker on Facebook

Joe Schmucker on Facebook

Petra and Joe are nowadays living in Ogden Utah, before that they were living in Layton Utah, and in 2001 Joe was stationed in Germany and they were living in Landscheid/Eifel (Burgerstrasse 20) in Germany. Very close to US Airbase Spangdahlem.  For media or police that are serious about investigating, I do have a long list of phone numbers and addresses of witnesses. Like I said any investigation at all will very easily be able to prove all sorts of details.

Feel free to pass on a link to this blog to every media or police facility that you can find. Also feel free to phone your Senator and urge him or her to push for an investigation of this case. Every Senator in the US has received information per mail in the summer of 2010. And yes to the best of my knowledge Clarks motive was to silence me about the upcoming 9/11 attack. So this entire case does have a lot to do with national security

Explosion of Enschede May 2000 / Yoram Kenan

I have met Yoram during Domotex of January 2000 in Hannover, Germany. According to himself Yoram was working as an importer of floor coverings in 2000. According to himself he has in the past worked for the FBI. In April of 2000 he was showing me an FBI pass with August 4 of 1963 as his birth date. On may the 6th of 2000, a Saturday one week before the explosion I was telling Yoram on the mobile phone about the upcoming explosion in the city of Enschede and was asking him to warn the mayor of the City. The name SF Fireworks and the date may 13 of 2000 were known.

When I phoned Yoram after the explosion to ask why he had not warned the mayor. His only response was that according to him the local police chief was informed about what he was doing. So it appears that Yoram is either CIA or is a total nutcase that is travelling with a fake FBI pass.  Whatever it is, during a phone conversation that we had by mobile phone 1 week before the explosion, the details about the upcoming explosion where known. The phone conversation between me and Yoram on Saturday the 6th of May 2000 was listened in on. The clicking in the phone line could not be overheard. I have also informed the Dutch police about this but never heard from them again.

Here are some details just incase either police facilities or investigative reporters want to find Yoram and investigate the explosion in the city of Enschede of May 13 of 2000.

Yoram Kenan

Adres in spring of 2000


The Netherlands

Below the 2 mobile phone numbers that Yoram and I used on may the 6th of 2000 when I was informing Yoram about the upcoming explosion in the city of Enschede that occurred only 1 week afterwards. The name of the firm, SF Fireworks, the date - the 13th of May of 2000 and the location Enschede where known for sure. I urged Yoram to contact the mayor of Enschede and get him to evacuate the city during the upcoming Saturday. When I contacted Yoram again after the explosion, he pretended not to remember the phone call and called me frustrated. I am frustrated at times but that does not say anything about my ability to see the future.

(0)6-20.000.121 mobile phone no. of Yoram Kenan in May of 2000

(0)6-54 95 88 96 mobile phone no. of Edith Komes in May of 2000

On Saturday the 6th of May of 2000, I was travelling in my car on the highway between Apeldoorn and Arnhem and it was in the afternoon. From what I remember it could have been around 13.00 hours that day, 1 week prior to the explosion.

According to Yorams story in spring of 2000. Yoram used to work for the IDF and was doing undercover stuff in Lebanon in the 80's, he immigrated to the US at age 21 (must have been in 1984). His mom and dad are both working as doctors in the US. He has been working for the FBI and has been working for them in Washington and Oklahoma and he also claimed in spring of 2000 to have a very good friend in Hamburg. The entire story that Yoram had in 2000 is a bit too much to be a coincidence. When I phoned him again after the explosion. Yoram pretended to be good friends with a women by the name of Rikki van Ballegooijen who was a local police chief in a town called Wijchen in the Netherlands at the time. According to Yoram this women was fully informed about his "mission".

By now there are rumors in the Netherlands that the explosion of Enschede was too heavy to have been caused by normal fireworks and that the Dutch department of defense might have had ammunition inside that facility that blew up by accident. That is also something that I have no details about. When I see the future I always base my predictions on things that are published not on rumors.

What I know for sure is this: The information that I have given Yoram 1 week prior to the explosion was detailed enough to evacuate the area easily and save every single person that got killed that day (date, city and name of the firm, SF Fireworks, at the very least were known).


Just like based upon the information that I have given the US Air Force the WTC towers could have been evacuated. So when I heard Condoleezza Rice on the radio on April 8 of 2003 make her statement before the 9/11 investigations committee that there had been "chatter" in the middle east but nothing detailed enough, that did not sound like ill informed to me it sounded like a lie. It sounded like a giant government cover up. Not like a mistake.

The entire story has never been about Clark's 4 different religions or Mrs.Clarks ugly figure and awful behavior. It is much bigger than that.

During the 9/11 hearings in 2004 I was trying to reach people in the US by mail and not much later had Wes Clark break into my house in the middle of the night. I guess I am supposed to feel lucky that the bastard did not just torture or kill me but only break into my house.

In September of 2004 I got kidnapped by Clark and a small team of soldiers. I got shot at during that week and the idea was to intimidate me to a point that I would not dare to talk anymore. I was threatened with getting thrown out of an Airplane during that week. Throwing people out of moving airplane is very much the style of killing people that is almost a "trade mark" for the Argentinian Videla regime that was ruling Argentina in the 70's. 

Despite of the very long time that Clark has had to organize and the support that he gets from Pentagon, Nato and the CIA, in more than 35 years of stalking and harassing me he has not gotten me messed up enough to shut me up completely and by now I am so furious that I want that bastard on the electric chair for everything that he has done. 

While Yoram Kenan was showing me an FBI pass in the spring of 2000 but at the same time failed to inform the Dutch authorities, Clark was running around in Italy at a firm that I intended to do business with and was telling them fantasy stories like that I would be busy trying to kidnap someone. Clark is a giant liar and a very backward person with hardly any morals or conscience. There was no miss understanding about my ability to see the future. 

The Pentagon had seen the prove many times before and had no reason to doubt that I was telling the truth about American buildings getting attacked. 

I had also as a 5-year old (in 1968) described that Armstrong would make it to the moon and get back alive, at a point in time when the US Air Force people that I was talking to had no clue who this Armstrong guy was supposed to be. My grandparents place where this Air Force family was living at the time, did however not have a TV. I was 5 years old in 1968 and had not been to elementary school yet but could write little sentences and found it quite normal to be able to tell the adults around me details about the moon landing (such as the date) or details about the future Watergate and Lewinsky affaires plus all sorts of names of future US presidents. 

What I am trying to say is: There was no doubt at the time, about my ability to see the future. I had much less trouble trying to convince people that the skill does exist because it was very clear to every adult around me that 5 year old children might have a vivid imagination but usually do not have the tendency to make up stories about future political events.

The combination of my ability to see the future and my birth date (have a look at 8-4 in the bible) could not have been more obvious at the time. For those people who do not wish to believe in the bible: no problem with me, just call it a PSI skill. As long as people do not refuse to believe that the ability to see the future does exist, because then I really feel like I am surrounded by Neanderthals and that is not fun. 

Radio waves are also not visible; it would however be extremely stupid to assume that they do not exist just because we cannot see them. 

It is also extremely stupid to assume that we all have to have the same skills and abilities. People are not ever born with the same skills. We are supposed to have equal rights under the law. But even that is only true in theory. The reality is very different.


I am aware that there are plenty of people who do not wish to believe this but since it is true, I will not shut up about it and for those people who are interested in finding out the truth it might help to figure out details:

George W. Bush Junior and Wes K. Clark came to see me in 1975 at my grandparent's hotel in Germany. I will not be able to prove this because I was alone in the swimming pool at the time and my grandparents are both no longer alive. But it might help people to understand how extremely proven my ability was in the 70's. This was in 1975. I remember for sure that I was 12 years old at the time. So in the mid 70's there was no doubt or question about my clairvoyance. There is no reason to doubt it now. Clark has never had any reason to doubt my ability. The Pentagon has me on tape as a 5 year old announcing that they will be attacked in the future.

If the Pentagon does not want to base the evacuation of their buildings upon "a clairvoyant person in Europe insists that it has to be done," that is understandable up to a certain point. But they did receive the correct information about the upcoming attack through their own Air Force, who in 1976 had no doubt about my ability to see the future. 

The least that the US government could have done is warn people inside the buildings (WTC and Pentagon) and also it would have been possible to keep the correct 4 flights on the ground. Based upon what I know I have to draw the conclusion that the Bush government made no attempt to save the people but did prefer to go to war and wanted that attack. 

Because mobile phones had already been invented it was not possible to blame the attack on Germany. 

Clarks behavior over the years, leads me to believe that his motive for multiple cases of very violent torture of my dad plus the constant stalking and harassment are this:

He was and is trying to fuck up on purpose and intimidate me as much as possible. After all, people do not commit torture by accident. Nor is it possible to massively stalk, harass and threaten someone for more than 30 years by accident.

The torture that I was forced to watch Clark commit has been so evil that I want the guy dead because of it. I want him on the electric chair and find that mild compared to all of the very serious crimes that I have witnessed him commit.