Dates and Locations

Below a long list of dates that Clark can not have an alibi for:

June 26 of 1999 is when the torture took place inside the basement of a hospital in Antwerp/ Belgium.

Before that time my dad had been kidnapped and kept at a US Airbase in Germany. I do not know for how long. But I do know for sure that he got tortured on Spangdahlem Airbase in Germany in 1996 (plenty of witnesses to it, the list is known to every district attorney in Germany and a lot of courts in the Netherlands) for sure on Clark orders. I have seen him there and so have multiple witnesses. On my question at the time what he would do if I just took my dad along and left the base? Clark told me that he would give orders to shoot at my car and I would not be able to get off Spangdahlem alive. The guy that accompanied Clark on his trip to Amsterdam on March 5 of 2010 and who now claims to be working for the CIA, was working as a military policeman on Spangdahlem Airbase in 1996 and has witnessed my dad's torture. 

Also present during the torture on Spangdahlem are 2 German guys by the name of Edgar Hardt and Werner Oster.If they claim not to know, they are lying.

Clark and the CIA shit while in Amsterdam (March 5 of 2010) claimed that they had been sent, because they decided to want to repair me. I have no idea what is meant with "they"other then the US Government (Pentagon and or CIA) and I find it of a mind blowing arrogance to believe that sending 2 pieces of shit around that have both participated in my dad's torture would contribute to me getting repaired. There is at least 1 witness to that situation. Seeing Clark will not ever repair me in any way or make me feel better. I want that piece of shit dead for what he has done to my dad.

Ask Hauptkommissar Hans-Werner Kohl (Umweltkripo Wittlich) why he failed to want to help to get my dad of that base. According to Kohl at the time he had very strict orders of the BND (German CIA) to not help me with anything. I have recently learned (June of 2011) that Kohl has immigrated to Canada about 6 month ago, according to his parents and friends. So this part here could be solved by the Canadian police who might have less of a motive to try and hide torture and murder committed by Clark with the help of the German Army.

So at this point it becomes clear that more than one country and secret service is involved in the case. Pentagon has got prove of my clairvoyance dating back to 1968. BND and Spangdahlem Airbase knew about it from 1975 at the very latest. The Dutch Royals Family has known about my clairvoyance starting in 1979 at the very latest. (more realistic is since 1975)

Monday to Friday 13 to 17 of September 2004  Clark has spent parts of the week in the Netherlands, kidnapping me. He seems to have the support of the Dutch authorities like police and AIVD. Who have helped him get a spare key to the house that I owned at the time.

Tuesday September the 4th of 2007 in the afternoon – Clark was stalking me again this time at this location: Raststätte Geismühle West near Krefeld in Germany along the highway A57. (NATO has this on satellite and at least one German ex-General was present.) Clark was asking for a date and the result of the date would have been a bullet through my head, so I declined.

Friday, March the 5th of 2010 – Clark was stalking me, this time together with someone who claims to be working for the CIA, location Restaurant La Place, Muntbergweg in Amsterdam. The witness is known to every single district attorney and the courts in Germany. The Dutch courts as well have received plenty of information about the case.

Monday night the 16th of August until Tuesday, August the 17th of 2010 – Again stalking along highway A57 in Germany close to Restaurant Kalbecker Forst West near the town of Weeze.

On September the 26th of 2010, Willem Alexander, Crown Prince of the Netherlands came to see me at location Kalbecker Forst West near Weeze in Germany. He indicated to be very well informed about this case. The German BND does have tapes of the conversation that took place. But they are not very keen on revealing that.

So while my family has buried a small pile of ashes and held a funeral on August the 7th of 1998. My dad was still alive and getting tortured either on Spangdahlem Airbase or at the Belgian Hospital in Antwerp.

The only defense that Clark has prepared so far is a total bullshit story about my alleged racism. Of course that is total nonsense, made up by Clark to slander me. But even if I was racist, which is not at all the case, it would not all of sudden make it legal for Clark to commit very bloody torture and a very heinous first degree murder. Realistically Clark is the racist, because he seems to believe that either his nationality or his religion allows him to commit an endless amount of very serious crimes that he expects to get away with. Clark is a total liar when claiming in the media to be against torture. I was forced to witness Clark commit very nasty torture in 3 different countries in Europe.

A. I am not a racist and never have been.

B. Even if I was, that does not give anyone the right to commit torture or a
     a first degree murder and expect to get away with it.

Nationality or Religion should not matter in an investigation of a long list of very serious crimes committed by Wes Clark.

The racist angle is getting very old and boring. Wes's so called religion is also not good enough as a motive for torture and very heinous first degree murder. Clark has 4 different religions. And no, I did not murder his dad. That one died of natural causes. Trying to pay me back for his dad's heart attack in 1948 (19 years before I was born) is not good enough as an excuse for the extremely violent way that my dad was tortured and murdered. But that seems to be the only sort of defense that Clark is trying to use constantly. Strangely enough so far no one seems to dare to ask the bastard where he was on the dates that I describe on my blogs.

I do hate Clark and his screaming bitch by now. That has nothing to do with their so called religion and everything with the very violent torture and murder of my dad. And the extreme arrogance in which they keep stalking and harassing me and find it normal to get away with it. I want the guy on the electric chair for what he has done. And I certainly want him to finally stop interfering with my private life.

Here is another point that proves how extremely "racistical" I am: Contrary to the Pentagon it was my intention to get the buildings evacuated before the plane's hit them and I would under no circumstances take the time to ask people about their passport or religion before allowing them to leave a building that is burning like the WTC did on 9/11. So as a thank you for trying to protect US buildings that are otherwise going down, I have an ex-Pentagon shit who has murdered my dad in a very horrible way and is filthy enough to run around and try to sell the idea that I am a bad racist because I dare to press charges. Clark is actually the most backward, lying, snake that I have ever met. I do find it normal to expect a certain amount of decency from people who want information from me and Clark and his screaming bitch started to disqualify themselves from day one with their very nasty behavior and never ever got to a point that they wanted to turn back and try and understand what they are doing.

By the way the motive for the US Government to keep covering up seems to be: They do not want to look as evil as the behavior of their soldiers really is and they certainly do not want me to get the information out about all of the different governments (US - German and Dutch) who where fully informed about the upcoming 9/11 attack.

The reason why the German government is very reluctant to investigate is the fact that a few Bundeswehr guys plus the German BND did facilitate and aide with my dad's torture.

The reason for the Dutch government to be a little bit slow might be that there are political reasons to try and maintain Clark's totally fake hero image because of the trials in The Hague against Yugoslavian war criminals. Also I must say that so far the Dutch government is behaving more decent and much better than the American or the German government who do not want to investigate the case at all. For good reason, it is like asking a serial killer to investigate himself. That is in all likelihood not going to work well.

So, dear Donald as an answer to your question that you posed to Peter Struck in 2002. Yes, the German BND and the Dutch Government had the flight numbers and the date of the upcoming attack just like you did. If Struck was intentionally ill informed by the BND who likes to fuck up or is a very good actor is a detail that you will have to sort out yourself. Spangdahlem Airbase has received the name of Mohammed Atta and the address Marienstrasse 54 in Hamburg in 1976. The intention clearly was to get the people out alive. And if you are serious about wanting the information in the future then what it takes is Clark on trial for my dad's totally unnecessary torture and first degree murder. Or your country will have to do without my Intel for ever. And yes my dad was just as clairvoyant as I am, so there is a very big chance that he saw the horrible torture up front but could not prevent it. Very much like Jesus knew what was coming his way but either did not want to or was not able to escape the situation.

And yes, like the Pentagon and / or FBI can very easily verify,  I did put information about the collapse of the WTC on Spangdahlem Airbase at age 7, in 1970 and I did mention the bombing of the Chinese embassy on that same airbase right before watching Star Wars in 1978 ! So there was never any discussion about my ability to see the future and within Pentagon - CIA - BND etc. it is totally clear what Clark's motives are to stalk me. I would not at all be surprised if the so called racist angle is something that Clark made up himself in 1975 maybe in cooperation with Bush junior that he brought along for a visit at my grandparents hotel in 1975. Writing the story helps me to understand certain details.

And so far I had to figure out all of the motives myself with no help what so ever from any police or otherwise facility. As far as I can tell no one is officially investigating the case. Despite of the fact, that the entire German and Dutch government plus US Senate have been informed about the case.


Deutschland: (Rheinland Pfalz und Krefeld) Kidnapping, plus Stalking

Belgiën: (Antwerpen, Brüssel und Knokke) Folter und vorsätzlicher Mord, plus ein Teil Stalking

Niederlande: (Nimwegen) 2 Fälle von Einbruch
(Hausfriedensbruch) / 1x Kidnapping / 1x Bedrohung / mehrere Fälle von Stalking /1x Mordversuch

Schweiz: (Melano) 1x Einbruch in mein Hotelzimmer die Schweizer Polizei war da. Beweise sind also sehr leicht zu finden.

US Air Base Spangdahlem: Folter (es gibt eine ganz lange Liste von Zeugen die bei der Staatsanwaltschaft bekannt sind). Die Sache hat bereits in 1994 angefangen.


Montag der 13. bis Freitag 17. September 2004 (zum Teil in Zwanenveld Nimwegen Niederlande ) - Einbruch und Entführung

Dienstag der 4. September 2007 nachmittags gegen 16.00 Uhr (Raststätte Geismühle West, Krefeld - Deutschland) Stalking - auch davon gibt es Zeugen. Die Bundeswehr hatte jemand vor Ort.

Freitag der 5. März 2010 gegen 17.00 Uhr (La Place Muntbergweg Amsterdam Zuid-Oost Niederlande) – Stalking

Diensdag der 17. August 2010 Kalbecker Forst West, Weeze Deutschland – Stalking

Weitere Daten die wichtig sind

Folter und Mord in Antwerpen Samstag der 26. Juni von 1999

Stalking in Zevenaar, Donnerstag der 2.Juli 1992. Jede Menge Zeugen, Liste mit Zeugen hat das BKA.

Wes Clark, you lying evil bastard - I challenge you to take a lie detector test and explain where you have been on the above mentioned dates.

I find it absolutely unacceptable that the police in more than one country so far refuse to investigate the case. As if I would make up a horror story about my dad getting tortured and murdered. 

The grave in Landscheid/Eifel that has his name on it contains ashes of someone else. The 2 different types of paperwork that would be needed under German law (Totenschein und Sterbeurkunde) before a cremation can take place, are missing. 

And what I know for sure so far is that Pentagon and NATO are in on it. And when either Pentagon or Nato want something done, the police in Europe follow orders and participate in torture. It seems like a cheap horror movie but it is true. And once you have the secret service of more than one country covering up torture and murder because they participated it becomes almost impossible to motivate any district attorney to just do their job and investigate the case.

When Clark was stalking me again at my work on march the 5th of 2010 (very easy to prove for any normal investigating police) he was accompanied by a CIA guy. 

What motive could I possibly have to make up a story like this, if it was not true? And in the case that I had made it up to get some attention ask yourself this: Why would I make the story so complicated? The truth is: I did not make anything up. It is a giant cover up. Everything that I describe has happened and so far the police in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands refuse to investigate the case. That makes me furious. But I will never stop pounding and asking for an investigation because this did happen and I find it totally unacceptable that Wes Clark would get away with torture and first degree murder and run around and lie about it. Not to mention that he finds it totally normal to keep harassing me.

By the way I have a letter from the Assistant Director of Counterterrorism of the FBI who is telling me that he has instructed the FBI office in The Hague (responsible for the area where I live) to contact me for further information.

The letter is dated september 24 of 2010. Up until now (april of 2011) no one of the The Hague office of the FBI has contacted me. When I phoned them myself on april 14 of 2011, I was talking to a very unpleasant guy by the name of Timothy Walek who informed me that he had decided himself not to contact me for further details in order to be able to investigate because he found my story unbelievable. 

I think this Timothy Walek guy is a total idiot. But then again, the letter that I have got is from the FBI in Washington claiming to investigate. The Embassy desk in The Hague that Walek is working for might be more CIA then FBI.

I am not sure if it is legal under American law for one idiot to decide all by himself to forget about an investigation when he has received instructions from the FBI in Washington to investigate the case. Furthermore the The Hague office of the FBI is supposed to be responsible for the communication with the Dutch government (Liaison) and the Dutch Crown Prince has indicated during his visit of september  26 of 2010 to be fully informed about the case.

The details that this idiot of Walek is missing are among other things: Who had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attack ? But no big surprise that the FBI is not in any hurry to investigate that when the CIA has participated in my dad's torture and murder. US Embassies in Europe or elsewhere only have a FBI desk on paper but in reality are more of a CIA nest.

The official FBI could not easily admit that they have no interest in investigating torture and first degree murder committed by an American citizen. Like I said there are plenty of witnesses. The only thing needed is an official investigation. And yes my dad's torture and murder does have a lot to do with the 9/11 attack. I am the only person that I know off that started warning about the attack as early as 1968. I am aware that people have difficulty believing that. But it is true. The Pentagon will never again receive any warnings from me, or any information from me, no matter what goes down. That is the result of Clarks behaviour.

Questions for Wes K. Clark senior:

Where have you been on the dates described below ?

On July 2 (thursday) of 1992 ?
Answer, Zevenaar the Netherlands, stalking and threatening me.

On June 26 (saturday) of 1999 ?

Antwerp, Belgium.

Torturing and murdering my dad. Clark was present in his green NATO Uniform and had organized it himself. I was there and have witnessed the torture. So where 2 Belgian police guys who took pictures of the torture.

January 14 (friday) until 18 (tuesday) of 2000 during Domotex in Hannover ?
Answer at a Hotel/Restaurant in Peine near Hannover stalking and harassing me again.

April 11 (thuesday) until 16 (sunday) of 2000 during Salone del Mobile ?
Answer Wes was in Melano Switserland with his ugly bag to stalk and threaten me onces again.

September 13 (monday) until 17 (friday) of 2004 ?
Answer in the Netherlands, kidnapping me.

September 4 (tuesday) of 2007 ?
Answer in Krefeld, Germany stalking me again.

March 5 (friday) of 2010 ?
Answer in Amsterdam, The Netherlands stalking and harassing me.

August 17 (tuesday) of 2010 ? 
Answer along the German highway A57 near Weeze, Germany stalking me.

Attention, Wes Clark could not possibly have an alibi for the above mentioned dates. If he claims to be anywhere else then on the above mentioned locations he is lying. It is not at all difficult to find the prove for what I am saying for any normal police facility that wants to investigate. 

It is not possible to stalk someone for more than 30 years without leaving witnesses or getting seen.