35 years of Stalking

Wes Clark has been stalking me for more than 35 years. It started in 1975 when Clark and his entire family were stationed in Germany and lived next door to my parent's house in Landscheid Germany for about 2 years.

The reason that Clark got stationed there was: I had mentioned his name to 2 military police guys. The Pentagon at that point in time had no reason what so ever to doubt my ability to see the future. The US Air Force has me on camera as early as 1968 announcing that the Pentagon in the future will be attacked. And that America will be at war with Iraq.

Clark and his ugly bitch have been impossible to get along with. Before Clark and his family lived next door to my parent's house, we have had German, American and Mexican neighbors. After the Clarks have lived there we had more American neighbors and later even people from former Yugoslavia living in that house. We got along totally fine with all of our neighbors except the Clarks. 

Clark was stalking me at my high school, (plenty of witnesses so the prove could easily be found) he was scratching his own car and demanding that I find out for him who had done that. His wife has always been a total hysterical bitch. His son was a very arrogant and spoiled shit. His wife kept screaming at me for no reason while Wes was asking me if I could imagine being married to him in the future. I was 12 years old at the time and Clark was over 30 at the time, so I could not possibly be interested.

This kept going on in Brussels in 1992. Wes would sometimes weekly show up at my work or at the apartment building that I lived with my fiancé at the time. While Wes accompanied by at least 1 or 2 bodyguards would often show up during the day and ask me to go on a date or become his mistress, his wife would sometimes show up and scream at me for no reason to leave her husband alone, when I had not any interest in the both of them what so ever. It is good to bear in mind that I have never ever looked them up in the US. I have not the faintest idea where they live but when I count the amount of times that Wes Clark and or his ugly screaming bitch came to Europe to stalk me over the years brings me to an amount of more than 30 times since 1975.

People often want me to explain the motives that Clark might have.

I find it very insulting that I am suppose to provide the killers motive while the police in more than 3 countries do not even take the time to investigate any of it.

I have no motive to make any of this up that is for sure. Because the entire situation is only getting me negative attention, which I can easily do without.

I assume however that the motive is one of the following or a combination of it:

I had predicted more than 12 times over the years that the WTC would burn down. The way that my dad's torture and murder was done it very much looked like a message to me that I should not warn again. That could have been a motive and below are a few others.

Wes Clark is a racist; he hates Germany but cannot say that without harming his career. He picked my dad because my dad was an easy target.

Clark and his ugly bitch felt stepped on their toes by getting stationed in a small town in Germany in 1975 because of the predictions of a 12 year old. Both Clark and his ugly bitch have always had a giant ego.

During one of his last visits on March the 5th of 2010 in Amsterdam it became apparent that Clark seems to be selling the idea inside the Pentagon that I would somehow need him to see the future. That is total BS. I have been clairvoyant for as long as I can think and I have never needed Clark for anything. I can not stand the guy. But selling that idea will get him more attention inside the Pentagon and given his giant ego, that could also be a motive. Clark is a sucker for attention.

Given how desperately Clark wants to be seen as a hero and the very obvious lies that I have seen him commit before, I would not at all be surprised if Clark is somehow trying to sell the idea inside the Pentagon that he had to torture and murder my dad in order to obtain more information. The truth is exactly the opposite. My clairvoyance is totally independent of Clark and America will never receive any warnings from me again no matter what building goes down. The US Government has with their behavior so far proven that they are unable to handle the information, so they do not need any further Intel from me and will never again get it.

I do demand an investigation of this case. As long as no one finds it necessary to investigate, Clark expects to get away with torture and murder and finds it the most normal thing in the world to keep stalking and harassing me.

Like I said before, 35 years of stalking, plus a very violent torture and first degree murder are not possible to commit without leaving any trace or witnesses. There are plenty of witnesses. Most of them are too scared to talk and it seems that even the police are intimidated. That means for ex Pentagon or ex NATO employees it is perfectly fine to commit whatever murder that they feel like and expect to get away with it. I do not except that.

I would always be willing to have a lie detector test. I am not at all worried about that, on the contrary it is in my interest to get the torture and murder of my dad investigated. If you ask Clark to get that same test he will have to admit to torture, murder, kidnapping, (at least 2 counts probably more), breaking and entering (3 counts), and attempted murder. Or he would fail the test in a giant way.

By the way Wes Clark when in Amsterdam on March 5 of 2010, was trying to threaten me that he would reveal private phone conversations that are taken in 1987. I have nothing to worry about. Clark made that thread in the presence of 2 witnesses. What I find interesting is that it reveals that the Pentagon was listening in to my phone calls as early as 1987.
During his visit on September 26 of 2010, Wilhelm Alexander of Orange, Crown Prince of the Netherlands has let me know to be very well informed about the case and has admitted that the Dutch AIVD has been following me around since 1997.

Given the fact that Clark and his ugly bitch got stationed in Germany as early as 1975 and they both have been totally impossible to get along with then, I find it very realistic to assume that the Pentagon and or NATO plus the Dutch AIVD and maybe the German BND as well have been hanging in my phone line much sooner than 1987.